What is a dry hair towel?

Dry hair towels are a type of towel. Dry hair towels and dry hair caps are not a substitute for hair dryers, but the water absorption effect is definitely much better than the towel, which is enough to make the hair dry, sleep without headache, and does not hurt the hair, very soft.

The water absorption effect of the dry hair towel is irrelevant to the thickness of the towel. Super absorbent dry hair towel, rubbing hair, not hurting hair. No lint, no fading! Weaving with 100% microfiber textile material, superfine fiber DTY, the fineness is 1/20 of ordinary fiber, equivalent to 1/200 of hair silk, the water absorption is N times that of ordinary fiber, and the water absorption speed is N of pure cotton towel. Times. Soft to the touch, bright color, strong decontamination, no spinning, no bacteria, no lint, can be used repeatedly, life is 4 times that of ordinary towels, drying without dripping, easy to dry.

It is woven with GKJ-DTY ultra-fine textile fabric and does not contain any chemical components. Strong decontamination, no mold, no lint, can be used repeatedly, durability is four times that of ordinary towels

After shampooing, dry the hair towel and damp it slightly, gently wipe the roots of the hair, deep into the roots of the hair, effectively remove the shampoo residue, quickly absorb excess water, make the hair dry quickly, and have a unique dry Hair effect. After bathing, apply a lightly dampened dry hair towel to the skin. You can immediately absorb the excess water and feel refreshed. After washing your hair, you can quickly dry your hair and avoid using a hair dryer.

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