What kind of glasses cloth is easy to use?

What kind of glasses cloth is easy to use? Professional glasses cloth must use 200 grams of weight per cubic centimeter of microfiber. This material is fine and soft, and it does not hurt the glasses. This kind of wiping cloth can also be used for computer screens; the two sides of the glasses cloth are made of different materials, and the smooth side is used to wipe the lenses, because the stains on the lenses are mostly small, and the rough side is designed to allow you to touch with your fingers. Increase the friction and facilitate the force so that it is cleaned more cleanly.



What kind of material is good for glasses?

Commonly used in the market are microfibers, the hand feels very delicate and soft, which is also the most difficult to damage the lens. Some people say that glasses are not rubbing glasses. I think that ordinary glasses are not so troublesome to clean. There is no water and no cleaning liquid. The best and fastest way is to use glasses cloth, which is much better than paper towels. Lens life is generally 1 to 2 years, unless it is very expensive glasses, usually do not need to be so careful, after all, wearing glasses is more troublesome.

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