What kind of towel is good for cleaning the car?

Nowadays, almost every family has a private car, and people who love cars like to wash their car. When cleaning the car, the microfiber towel should be used. When you usually clean the car, what is the cleaning towel? Let's take a look at the proper way to clean the car and clean the car.
What kind of towel is used to clean the car?



Microfiber is a high-quality, high-tech textile material. Due to its small diameter, microfiber has a small bending stiffness, a soft fiber feel, and a strong cleaning function and waterproof and breathable effect. The ultrafine fibers have many fine pores between the fibers, forming a capillary structure, which is highly absorbent, and is a very useful towel for cleaning.



The microfiber towel has soft texture, strong water absorption, no lint and no fading, no water stain after rubbing, and has super anti-static dust-removing ability. The face is soft and delicate, no cotton wool and water marks are left after wiping. It is widely used in car washing, car beauty, etc. It is soft and suitable for cleaning the inside and outside of the car. It is a boutique of car beauty.

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