Microfiber terry towel

Microfiber terry towel all size avaliable.easy to clean,decathlon Microfiber beach suppliers lint-free, no smell,microfiber beach towel suppliers no fading,and fast dry.Microfiber Towel uses It is your life essential item--Clean all your troubles Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Towel With the superfine fiber clothing, Microfiber Towel benefits comfortable, beautiful, warm, breathable, good drapability and fullness, the hydrophobic and antifouling sex has obviously improved, large specific surface area and soft can be used to design different organizational structure to make it more absorbing sunlight or faster heat loss temperature is warm in winter and cool in summer. The ultrafine fiber consists of polyester polyester (polyester polyester of 80%) and polyemide (polyester polyester of 20%) (polyester polyester of 100%).
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