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We are a professional Dry Wet Hair Cap, Quick Dry Ultra Absorbent Microfiber ... product manufacturer in China.Our company has strong design capabilities, which ensure us to meeting your diverse requirements for products.Our Drying Ultra Absorbent Cap are produced by high quality, there are some details in following article.We have the confidence that our products and services will definitely satisfy you.Excellent service is more reassuring.May we be long-term partners.

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We are a professional Dry Wet Hair Cap, Quick Dry Ultra Absorbent Microfiber ... product manufacturer in China.Our company has strong design capabilities, which ensure us to meeting your diverse requirements for products.Our Drying Ultra Absorbent Cap are produced by high quality, there are some details in following article.We have the confidence that our products and services will definitely satisfy you.Excellent service is more reassuring.May we be long-term partners.

Drying Ultra Absorbent CapDrying Ultra Absorbent Cap
The Breakdown


The Cool Cap with the aid of tremendous Seer is a extremely comfortable and practical skull cap for a hot atmosphere. The black mesh textile presents awesome airflow as well as comfort. The design of this cover enables for a one size fits all feature as a result of the stretchiness of both the material and the stitching, without the soreness of thick elastic bands. The charge on this cap is terribly similar to many others available on the market which offer much less consolation and fewer facets, making the Cool Cap a very good bargain for riders in a hot local weather.


remarkable Airflow / decent Wicking / 50 SPF insurance policy from Black cloth / No Elastic to Bind / extreme consolation / COOLJADE natural Cooling feature / within your budget / laptop Washable


probably much less durable / No color selections / could Lose Stretch After Repeated Washing

Cooling Jade – Hype of Science?

To be fully sincere, i'm all the time relatively skeptical of a “new” discovery or manner that claims to be enhanced at, during this case, cooling. It may also be very handy to govern assessments and effects of testing in a extremely managed environment to provide the results essential to make a strong observation akin to, “decreases the epidermis floor temperature via as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit”.

In too many cases, the manufacturer is checking out the product below controls with the intention to hardly, if ever, observe to use within the true world. With this in mind, i was determined to analysis the thought of COOLJADE and see if there became any actual science behind it.

and that i am pleased to record that there's basically some science to again up the identify and the remark made with the aid of the tremendous Seer organization of Evergreen, Colorado.

how it Works

Sweating is your physique’s herbal potential of cooling. The sweat it's on your dermis is really water in its liquid form. This liquid is cooler than your body temperature so it begins to draw warmth out of your body. because the temperature of the liquid raises, it then turns into vapor which releases the heat and helps to cool your physique.

The trick is to capture as a great deal liquid as feasible towards your physique so that it can efficiently cool your epidermis. If the sweat is wiped out of your epidermis or drips off, you lose its cooling advantage. And here is the place the COOLJADE technology comes into play.

Any cloth it truly is designed for use in a scorching atmosphere has to be skinny and breathable to supply optimum consolation to consumers. however that same skinny material also has to be extraordinarily absorbent.

The favored intention is to trap as a great deal sweat from the physique as possible for evaporation and highest cooling benefit. When the micro overwhelmed jade particles are infused into the textile, they supply an exponential enhance in the fabrics absorbent exceptional.

in brief, the jade particles are significantly increasing the floor enviornment of the textile however on a microscopic degree it truly is undetectable to the human eye and even the human contact. This infusion allows the Cool Cap to offer tremendous-productive evaporation and cooling for a riders head and in some circumstances that enhance evaporation can basically decrease the epidermis temperature through 10 levels.

So in the case of the Cool Cap from the tremendous Seer corporation, this is no longer just a claim from an extremely-managed check ambiance, this product will give greater cooling in the precise world.

discount Pricing

My past experience had been with a Nike company cranium cap and a number of below Armor cranium caps. On commonplace, i was paying about $17 – $20 every for the different predominant manufacturer caps, so the $20 rate tag on the Cool Cap is very least expensive seeing that the indisputable fact that I found it to be a advanced product.

The Cool Cap features

The Cool Cap is crafted from a ventilated COOL JADE mesh fabric that offers great airflow. feel of the mesh cloth it truly is used for jackets that allow for pretty much complete airflow and doesn’t ripple or flap in the wind, and that is comparable to these caps.

The form of the cap is relatively normal as it is made out of four triangular items and then a strong band of material at the base. but what is terribly entertaining concerning the Cool Cap is the fabulous flatlock seams which enable the cap to stretch for a comfortable custom healthy.

This stretch material additionally eliminates the need for any elastic which may cause infection beneath a helmet. additionally, these seams are precisely accomplished on the internal of the cap so there are no tough areas or even a important difference in thickness. here's a vital function for riders who've very short hair or no hair, as thick seams may cause abrasions, blisters, and pain when donning a comfortable helmet for a long period of time.

comfort and performance are probably the most vital facets in any skull cap but the Cool Cap doesn’t stop with just those two splendid advantages. as a result of the enjoyable material and construction, this cap is one size fits all. i know, we've heard that a whole lot when it involves motorbike equipment but this time that you could basically purchase into the remark.

I wear an extra-small helmet or every so often a small counting on the trend and manufacturer. On the other conclusion of the spectrum, my husband wears an additional-large helmet in most manufacturers, but we were each able to put on the same Cool Cap very easily. certainly, the Cool Cap fit us each a little in another way nonetheless it changed into nevertheless very functional. I did come to be tucking the edges of the baseband a bit of at my ears however had no considerations with it becoming cumbersome.

moreover being infused with jade particles, the cap also has a particular anti-scent compound woven into the fabric which deters microbe increase and helps to fight smell construct up for your helmet.

i'm also very chuffed that the Cool Cap is laptop washable. residing in a hot local weather, i used to be pressured to do lots of hand washing of different cranium caps during the past. however these chemical-free caps may also be thrown in a washing machine and will air dry very quickly to be competent in your next ride.

The Designs

at the moment, the Cool Cap is offered in a black COOLJADE infused mesh cloth with blue stitching. And in case you are wondering, the black cloth presents SPF 50 insurance policy.

  • The S-7001-1 model has no emblem imprint.
  • The S-7001-2 through S-7001-7 present a range of logo imprint alternate options on the front and lower back of the cap which are related to legislations enforcement.
  • all the caps are offered to law enforcement officers as well as civilian riders who need to exhibit their support for the men and girls in blue.

    My event

    My journey with the Cool Cap has been in temperatures in excess of one hundred levels and in a full face helmet. Phoenix is declared to have a dry warmth however I do comprehend that once wearing different caps below my helmet, the textile and particularly the elastic band and the base of the cap would develop into soaked with sweat and would no longer evaporate very smartly in my helmet.

    I not ever had that difficulty with the Cool Cap. The Cool Cap offers splendid evaporative cooling even within the tight healthy of my full face helmet. I additionally noticed that the liner of my helmet was drier than when I had used different manufacturers of the cap. And in spite of the fact that the Cool Cap uses no elastic bands, it remained in place and intensely comfortable even right through longer rides.

    during the past, I actually have observed that sweat construct up within the other caps would trigger my head to itch and even to trigger some abrasion considerations but that not ever took place when wearing the Cool Cap. i will proceed to wear the Cool Cap and don’t foresee ever having a cause to try another category of cap.

    a possible pass over

    For this palms-on look at various, i used to be in a position to put on the Cool Cap for a little over a month in relatively warm conditions. I also washed the cap several times as a result of the climate circumstances. At this factor, i am still very convinced with the Cool Cap. As i mentioned before, the caps are being worn through my husband and myself, which offers some greatly different testing.

    In my case, i'm questioning if the cap will continue to stay a snug healthy on the small end of the spectrum and never stretch out whereas my husband hopes that this does not reduce over time. but at this aspect, about 6 washes into their lifetime, they are protecting their form and elasticity very smartly.

    the decision?

    i am especially chuffed with the Cool Cap. I by no means anticipated the dramatic modifications as in comparison to other caps and it's neatly price the $20 price.

    As I cited at the start of this review, i used to be very skeptical of the 10 levels cooler claim. but after analyzing about the expertise and then experiencing the Cool Cap, i am very satisfied to have entry to the product. The charge is terribly economical and the product will basically boost my rides in scorching climate.


  • superb Airflow
  • good Wicking
  • 50 SPF insurance plan from Black cloth
  • No Elastic to Bind
  • intense comfort
  • COOLJADE herbal Cooling feature
  • inexpensive
  • computer Washable
  • Cons

  • probably less long lasting
  • No color choices
  • may Lose Stretch After Repeated Washing
  • Specs

  • company: tremendous Seer corporation
  • fee (When demonstrated): $20
  • Made In: country (designed and manufactured in Colorado)
  • option fashions & shades: numerous emblem designs on black mesh
  • Sizes: One measurement fits All
  • evaluate Date: September 2018
  • super Seer Cool Cap photo Gallery


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