Hair turban

Promotional Hair Drying Towel,Soft Microfiber Towels,20% polyamide dry hair towels,microfiber beach towel suppliers ,Microfiber Towel benefits, fully enjoy the ease and comfort of sleeping after bath, home tourism can be used. Wipe your hair and let it flow for a few minutes. Dry hair cap can be slept on the bag after shampoo, do not have a headache do not catch a cold. Super absorbent: using high and new technology, using 100% ultra-fine fiber, the size is only one twentieth of ordinary fiber, equivalent to one hundredth of hair silk, moisture absorption speed is seven times more than ordinary towel, fast dry and wet hair. Do not use hair dryer, reduce hair dryer damage. Bring consumer a kind of vogue, environmental protection, save time, save report and do not hurt hair protect hair dry new way. Protect your hair: protect your hair from the harmful effects of hair dryer.
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