Microfiber car towel

Microfiber car towel easy to wash,clean,Microfiber Towel benefits carry and dry with great water absorbent ability Multi-role,microfiber beach towel suppliers colorful,portableMicrofiber Towel uses soft,Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Towel durable and practicalhighly absorbent and ultra soft microfiber cleaning cloths.decathlon Microfiber beach suppliers Will not scratch car, paint coats or other delicate surfaces Made of super fine fiber, made by special process, without any chemical drugs, feel smooth and soft. Under high power microscope, the fiber of ultrafine fiber eyeglass cloth is more closely arranged than that of ordinary cloth. It is convenient to use, durable, and will not harm the appearance of the car. It is very soft and comfortable, has strong adaptability, and is resistant to dirt, antibacterial and water absorption
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