Microfiber cooling towel

Microfiber beach towel suppliers Microfiber cooling towel is with instant cooling advantage.Microfiber Towel benefits And cooling feeing will last for hours.Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Towel This appearance design Microfiber Towel uses product is used to absorb sweat and cool down during sports and decathlon Microfiber beach suppliers. It is a kind of fitness articles. Its appearance is composed of three layers of fabric. The first layer absorbs water to keep the body dry and cool. The second layer locks water and keeps water molecules inside the fiber. The third layer dehumidifies the fabric and cools it as the water molecules evaporate, lowering the fabric's temperature and thus the skin's surface temperature. The form of cold-sensing towel product highlights the structure of three layers of fabric, each layer of fabric is polyester fiber cold-sensing material.
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